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Fullerton Philosophy

Mission Statement:

To open businesses 60 days faster than traditional construction.

What we do:

We drive efficiency into the construction process by delivering fully built, custom, completely finished exterior walls, engineered in our climate-controlled manufacturing facilities.

Our Core Values

At Fullerton, we have core values that drive our daily operations and communications, internally and externally.

  • Family First / Healthy work & life balance

  • Transparency and Candor

  • Passion and Humility

  • Laughing is required

Environment / Sustainability

We believe every company should play a vital role in being a steward of preserving our planet.  The Fullerton philosophy is to be a company operating by example, and with an environmental compass leading our building solutions.

We have developed and implemented The 4 Core Strategies to support the sustainability of our planet.

The 4 Core:

  1. Lumber – Our goal of preserving forestry starts by optimizing all cuts of wood, by pre-engineering exact sizes, quantities, and layouts. Our automated computerized saw maximizes the use of each piece of lumber along with reusing shorter cut pieces in other parts of the building. The result is significantly less waste, which supports forest preservation.

  2. Energy – Our buildings are intentionally overbuilt and highly insulated, to reduce the amount of energy needed in all seasons of weather.

  3. Logistics Planning – We flat stack our building packages to maximize our shipping capacity and minimize the number of shipments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, maximize deliveries and reduce energy.

  4. Scrap – The typical construction process will add 5-10% of material overage at the jobsite, while Fullerton adds only 3% due to our pre-engineered process.  The result is reducing waster to lanfills.

Between our two manufacturing facilities and corporate office, we have eliminated the use of plastic bottles for our employees.  Our estimated annual reduction of plastic water bottles exceeds 10,000 bottes.  We strive to find new and innovative ways to bring sustainability into our processes while delivering on the promise of affordable building solutions.

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