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Questions & Answers

The pre-fabrication industry can be confusing, and being able to understand what FBS can provide you is critical in your decision making process.  The following is a list of some of the more frequently asked questions relating to the Fullerton Building System.


1. Will FBS provide the entire building, similar to a General Contractor?

FBS provides the building enclosure with exterior finishes component of the project.  We do not act as a general contractor for your project, but typically either subcontract to a general contractor or work directly with owners and developers that act as their own general contractor or construction manager.  We also work directly with a number of corporate franchise’s proving our systems package while collaborating and working in unison with their selected general contractor or construction manager.


2. What is a panelized building?

A panelized building is a structure that is built in sections (panels) that are assembled together to form the entire building. Some firms assemble on site, some assemble in nearby locations. Also, some panelized buildings are just framing packages, and some have exterior finishes. They can be metal, wood, or a combination of other materials. At Fullerton Building Systems, our panelized buildings are manufactured in a controlled environment in our 140,000 SF facility in Worthington, MN.  We primarily build/manufacture wood frame panelized packages, and our specialty is applying you selected finishes in the factory. Our panelized wood-framed buildings are similar to stick-built structures in the field, with the exception of perhaps a few more control joints where panels connect. Our packages are frequently utilized as an alternate to a block and steel bar joist design.  The primary goal of a panelized building is to save time in the field, allowing construction to move forward much faster than traditional construction. Other benefits include (with exterior finishes applied) minimization of weather impact delays and winter construction cost premiums because the exterior finish work is completed in a climate controlled factory.  A building system, panelized approach with finishes included combines a number of trades and work scopes into one.  Many of our clients see added value in providing a single source responsibility for the exterior enclosure. 


3. Do you only build basic design or 'cookie cutter' buildings?

No, we look at and consider all different shapes and sizes of buildings. Whether it’s a very basic "cookie cutter" design or a customized "one off", we have the experience and capabilities to meet your need for distinctive designs and aesthetically pleasing finishes. 


4. How are you affiliated with Fullerton Finish Systems?

Fullerton Finish Systems & Fullerton Building Systems are both divisions of the Fullerton Lumber Company.  Fullerton Finish Systems provides some of the finish veneers that are incorporated into the FBS building package.


5. Can you provide assistance with Green Building Programs such as LEED certification?

Yes, the use of Fullerton Building Systems can provide assistance toward Green  Building initiatives and certifications depending on the specific program your are pursuing.  LEED Certification, Green Star, Green Path and other Green Building programs can take advantage of an FBS system approach through items such as recycled products, energy efficiency, waste management, innovation credits and others.  Contact a FBS representative to review your specific program and review how we can help you achieve your goals.


6. What is your mailing address?

Fullerton Building Systems 34260 250th Street P.O. Box 308 Worthington, MN 56187


7. What type of finishes do you offer?

Thin brick, EIFS, tile, hard coat acrylic, CMU (split faced block 8x8 stacked bond, 8x16 running bond, and 4x16 running bond), dry stacked cultured stone, metal panels (concealed fastener composite or lap type exposed fastener), Hardi Plank Select Cedarmill (cement board lap siding) and other Hardi Panel siding options, as well as a wide variety of Fullerton Finish System finishes.


8. Are finishes an option or are they included in the building?

We specialize in providing your panelized package WITH exterior finishes. We believe the time savings is based largely upon having the finishes included. However, if you prefer, we can provide the finishes as an option (framing package). In some cases, where we cannot match a certain brick or a certain stone, we provide a partially finished package where the excluded finishes would be provided "by others", generally field applied by your GC or construction manager.


9. Do you supply the foundation slab?

No, the foundation slab is provided by the general contractor or construction manager. FBS provides your construction services provider with an anchor bolt plan for the foundation and dimensional layout requirements.


10. Do you offer glazing?

Yes, we can provide glazing services as an option to the building package.


11. Do you offer Union and Non-Union labor?

Yes, we can provide union or non-union labor at the construction site for the assembly of the FBS building package.


12. What materials/components do you build with?

Generally, we build our framing with wood; however, metal framing is used for cook lines and any other areas that require it. In the near future, metal framing may become a standard option. Our sheathing is primarily wood (CDX Plywood), but we also use exterior GYP and other panels where needed for fire codes. Our trusses are typically wood, but we can use bar joist and metal decking if needed. Since we manufacture our own trusses, we are able to reduce costs and maintain control of schedules. We provide all steel for building shells, beams and columns.

Our exterior finishes include: - EIFS (Dryvit MD Sprint System) - kiln fired thin brick (same as full brick, but ½" thick) - dry stacked cultured stone, James Hardi Select Cedarmill siding and other Hardi Panel options - CastWal Veneer to simulate split faced block in 8x8 and 8x16 formats - sanded or painted, with full corners (not mitered) Additionally, we offer decorative tile and painted surface options. Our buildings come to the site with finish colors and finish coats of paint. No painting, other than touch ups, is needed. Once we finish installation and caulk the building, it is ready for installation of the final roofing layer and windows and doors.


13. My building has some steel beams and columns, will this be an issue for FBS?

Not an issue at all.  We can and generally do provide the steel package for your building. If your building design calls for red iron steel and bar joist with metal decking, we can still provide finished wall panels designed for more of a curtain wall application.


14. What type of construction do you do?

Our building is viewed by codes the same as a stick-frame wood building in the field. HOWEVER, we are primarily manufacturers that also, in many cases, install our packages. We build many Quick Serve and casual dining Restaurants, but we also build convenience stores, gas stations, coffee shops, small retail, large retail/strip centers, hotels and multi-family housing up to four (4) stories.  We look to build to achieve YOUR DESIGN, and we can match most looks.


15. Do you provide interior walls and insulation?

We do provide interior wall framing to eliminate most of your carpentry/framing needs. We do not provide insulation, unless it is called for in an area that will be hidden or inaccessible to others after our component of work is complete.


16. What is included in the roof?

The roof system we provide consists of wood trusses manufactured and engineered by us, stamped by an engineer licensed in your project state, with plywood or OSB sheathing as called for in the roof design, as well as parapet bracing and sheathing. The final roofing membrane layer is provided/installed by others.


17. What is the maximum length of your panels?

Due to trucking constraints, 48' is the longest panel.  However, exterior finishes and wall height must also be taken into consideration. If wall height is 12' or less, then long panels can be made. If brick is the selected finish, then panel length and weight must be considered. We have been providing finished wall systems for a quarter of a century and we know what works (and what does not). We will design your building and wall panels based on our industry-leading experience and knowledge base.


18. Is there a height limit to your buildings?

Typically, we like to keep wall panels under 24' tall. For walls between 20' and 24' high, we look to utilize more LVL and engineered lumber. For hotels and motels, we can build up to four stories.


19. How many stories tall can your buildings be?

Generally a maximum of four (4) stories.


20. What plans are required to get started?

The more plans we have, the better. With a full set of architectural and structural plans, we can give you a precise quote.  With floor plans and elevations, we can give you a budgetary quote that will be very close to the final quote once structural plans have been developed.


21. Do you supply plans for clients to choose?

We can, and often do, develop structural plans based on an approved budgetary quote.  If you have floor plans and elevations, we can - with a design agreement - develop structural plans for your building that are sealed and stamped for your project state. Also, if you see a building (on our website or in a brochure) that you like, we can discuss with the architect or customer whether that building plan is available for you to build.


22. Can you draw plans for your clients?

Yes, we provide sealed structural drawings for our panelized package. However, we are not an architectural firm and typically do not develop your architectural plans. Nonetheless, if you have a basic idea of what you want, please contact our sales team and they can help guide you through the process.


23. What is the client’s responsibility at the site?

The customer/G.C. is responsible for a cleared site around the building slab, so FBS can off-load the building panels near the slab. The site needs to be level so the wall panels are not damaged.  Additional on-site requirements include: electricity/power, dumpster and a portable toilet.


24. How can I get plans to you?

Via email: or mailing direct to office: Fullerton Building Systems 34620 250th Street P.O. Box 308 Worthington, MN 56187


25. What is the time frame to quote a building?

Typically, we need 2-3 weeks to quote your project. The more information we have at the time of quote (e.g., a full set of drawings), the more accurate the quote will be. However, if you need your quote sooner, we will work hard to meet your needs. If you only have preliminary floor plans and elevations, we can still provide you with a "budgetary" quote.


26. What is the turnaround time from quote to delivery of the building to the site?

Depends on the time of the season...typically between 4-6 weeks - best to ask when plans are sent in.


27. What is the cost per square foot?

Pricing per square foot varies due to the many differences from building to building.  Depending on the type of project, location, wall heights, finishes selected and overall footprint size can impact the square foot cost.  As a rule, the larger and less complicated a building is, the lower the cost per square foot (and vice versa).  When providing either a budgetary or final cost proposal, we always prefer to have site-specific project information prior to quoting the project.


28. How do you transport the buildings?

Our finished materials are transported on 48' flatbed trucks, with panels protected by foam and shrink wrap.


29. How do your panels get fastened together? 

We use structural screws along the edge of each panel joint that are engineered to specified sizes and spacing.  See the general detail (Figure 1) that illustrates this.

Figure 1 - Panel Fastening

30. How are the panel joints sealed? 

With an FBS system we have two different types of panel joints.  One that is seamed and concealed and another that is exposed and caulked.  Our exposed joint is typical to a traditional control joint (Figure 2).  This type joint uses a caulked approach consisting of a backer rod and urethane caulking colored to compliment the exterior finishes.  Our seamed joint (Figure 3) has framing that is joined in the field and then in the example of BrickWal, the finishes are seamed in the field to conceal the joint visually.

Figure 2 - Exposed Joint Control
Figure 3 - Seamed Joint with BrickWal

31. What areas of the country do you build in and what states can you work in?

We have buildings in every state, with the exception of Hawaii. We will assemble our packages in every state with the exception of Arkansas, Nevada, and California, where assembly will be completed by a locally-licensed framing contractor of your choice, who will be instructed and guided by our factory technician.


32. Do you have a salesperson in our area?

Yes, we have sales force located throughout the country to assist you. Please call 800-450-9782, and ask to speak with Terri Elias. She will put you in touch with the appropriate sales or design associate to suit your project.



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