Protecting Your Investment


We are proud of our ability to provide complete building shell packages with custom exterior finishes. More importantly, we are proud to stand behind our products and services with some of the industry's best warranties.

  • One year warranty on the structure (framing, roof system, sheathing, steel package.) This is what most General Contractors offer.
  • 10 Year Warranty on our Dryvit Outsulation LCMD System. This warranty comes from Dryvit itself. We are a Certified Dryvit applicator. This warranty will repair or replace any Dryvit finishes that crack, fade, or otherwise fail. It also replaces any framing or sheathing that may be damaged due to moisture infiltration that was caused by Dryvit product failure. This warranty can be turned into a lifetime warranty if an inspection is completed by a Dryvit recommended contractor before the 10 year warranty period is expired. While there is a fee associated with this, as well as making the necessary repairs to caulking failures, cracks, and any external damage issues that may have occurred, it is a great way to maximize your value and protect your investment.
  • 5 Year Warranty on FFS Brickwal, FFS Castwal, and all other FFS Products. The bricks themselves typically come with a 25 year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • 50 Year Warranty on James Hardie products. This comes from the manufacturer.
Quality Control Warranty



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