Signed, Sealed and Delivered

third-party inspections

More and more city municipalities are adopting stronger building code requirements. Building inspections are a part of these requisites. Being able to provide local building inspectors with a third-part inspection report on how the building complies with the legal codes, from a reputable inspection company, meets and exceeds the requirements of these departments.

One of the issues that we address with our pre-fabricated wall panels is ensuring that when we erect the structure, the local building department and its representatives will not have issues with our product. Our structural drawings for your project are sealed by a Licensed Engineer for the project's state/location.

Additionally, we hire an outside company to complete 100% panel inspections as they are framed and sheathed. PFS●TECO Corporation is nationally certified to do this work. They inspect nailing patterns in our panels and, most importantly, in our shear wall panels. This is done because our exterior finishes cover this critical part of the structure. These inspections give the local building department proof that the work was completed according to the stamped drawings, which were approved by the local jurisdiction.

You can be confident that we stand behind our manufacturing process and handle any issues that should arise in this area



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