Built to Spec, Built to Last


Our typical manufacturing time frame is 4-6 weeks, depending upon the complexity and size of the building. One factor that can impact the schedule is long lead times for exterior finish products (e.g., brick, stone, etc.). Also, we provide 3rd party inspections for our customers to ensure the building is built to code and meets all requirements.

We like to start our drawings as early in the process as possible. It is important to know whether these drawings will be required in order to get a building permit. If not, you can usually submit drawings to the city offices as "as builds" addendums. The standard time frame for us to complete drawings is 2-3 weeks. However, the actual schedule is influenced by the workload, which varies throughout the year. Usually, drawings are started upon receipt of the order documentation from you. However, when possible, a "design agreement" can be initiated beforehand, permitting us to begin developing structural drawings before the construction process is started on site.



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